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Champagne Yves Ruffin

Premier Cru

Vineyard ran organically since 1971

Certified by ECOCERT S.A.S.


Our vineyard

Our vineyard covers three hectares situated in the communes of Avenay-Val d'Or and Tauxières in the Marne (51) region. Made up of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, we have opted for a marriage of subtlety and strength …



Chardonnay wines are characterised by their delicate aromas and floral notes with a touch of citrus, sometimes mineral.

Slow to develop, it’s the ideal vine for the ageing of wines.


Pinot Noir

Wines from this grape are distinguished by its red-fruit aroma, and its marked structure. This is the vine which brings body and strength to the wine.


Vines categorised as ‘Organically Grown’

In view of our environmentally-friendly approach, we cultivate our vines without the use of chemical synthesising molecules. We only use natural raw materials, such as compost, with the aim of preserving soil life and conserving animal and vegetablespecies.

Any process or technique which might represent a danger for the environment or the consumer is banned from our organic vine-growing process.

Sales of Avenay Val d’Or 51 organic champagne. Winegrower agro-biologist Marne: Yves Ruffin