From vine to wine

From vine to wine

Le Champagne is the ideal companion for the special moments in your life, as well as those you share with your nearest and dearest.


Being well aware of this fact, our vineyard is the object of attentive care, both in terms of environmental protection and, of course, taking into consideration the subtle balance between the earth, the plants and the climate.


From vine to wine

But achieving a healthy, good-quality harvest is only one stage, albeit an important one, in the lengthy process which brings us to the end result, the bottle.


This is why we continue to preserve the traditional method of pressing, just like the ageing of our wines in oak or acacia vats.

These techniques, where the human dimension counts for so much, allow us to express all our own sensitivity through our wines.


Once bottled, and once the effervescence has begun, our champagnes are left to develop slowly and peacefully in the protective darkness of our cellars.


On reaching optimum maturity, they move on to the delicate phases of turning, draining and the addition of the ‘dosage’.

After being returned to the cellar for several months, they are elegantly packaged and despatched to you.


All this work, all this patience, for the delightful thought that you will share the taste for this wonderful product with us!



Thierry Ruffin

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